District Officer Training

District Officer Training (DOT)


One of the main purposes of the three-day leadership institute is to prepare district officers with the skills they need to conduct and preside over district leadership meetings.

“They will take many of the leadership skills they learn back to their district chapters and teach local chapter officers how to better fulfill the responsibilities of their office. 

Leadership topics focus on presentation and communication skills. Officers also develop goals for their districts.

FCCLA helps young men and women become leaders and address important personal, family, work, and societal issues. More than 10,000 students on Oklahoma high school and technology center campuses are members of FCCLA.

“FCCLA is unique among youth organizations because its programs are planned and run by members,” Morris said. “It is the only CareerTech student organization with family as its central focus. Participation in national programs and chapter activities helps members become strong leaders in their families, careers, and communities.”


FCCLA District Officer Training - 2019

District Officers are elected yearly to preside over activities in their respective districts. Newly elected officers attend a three-day training in June to develop their leadership skills.